Kevin McGuire, treasurer

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Kevin McGuire

  • Name: Kevin McGuire
  • Where do you work?: I work as a PPP Monitoring Officer for the Council, which basically means that I ensure the delivery of a variety of services by the PPP contractors in the PPP2 primary schools and the Dalkeith Schools Community Campus.
  • Role on Committee: Branch Treasurer
  • What does that involve?: I look after the money.  I make sure all the branch’s bills and expenses claims are correct and paid on time, I bank any income received, and then I record everything in a ledger.
  • How long have you been involved in unions?  I first joined NALGO when I started work in the former Lothian and Borders Fire Brigade in 1983, but, as the son of a miner, I was taken to miners’ gala days in Edinburgh for as long as I can remember.
  • Why did you join?  I joined the union because I was brought up to respect trade unions and membership was actively encouraged in my first workplace.
    • What do you get out of it? I enjoy being a part of a small, hard-working, dedicated team of good people in the branch.
  • Why should other people join?:  People should join the union, so that they have a ready source of advice and support in these uncertain times.  Unions have fought hard over the years to win many of the conditions in place just now and are fighting hard to defend them.
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