Meet the Team

Office Manager

Helen Tragis - Unison Midlothian Office


Branch Officers

Keith Slight - Chair

Grace Chalmers - Branch Secretary

Scott Montgomery - Service Conditions Officer

Denise McKenzie - Service Conditions Officer

James Hill - Welfare Officer

Kevin McGuire - Branch Treasurer

Scott Montgomery - Health and Safety Officer

Denise McKenzie - Equalities Officer

Stacey Burns-Clark - Communications Officer

Doulas Harvey- Lifelong Learning Officer


Union Learning Reps

Dougie Harvey

Denise McKenzie

Workplace Reps



Keith Slight, Midlothian House

Denise McKenzie, Midlothian House

Scott Montgomery, Midlothian House


Health & Social Care

Aileen Currie, Community Access Team

Lorna Gallacher, Contact Centre, Midlothian House

James Hill, Fairfield House

Denise Wilson, Fairfield House


Education, Communities and Economy

Loraine Bridgeman, Mountesk Nursery

Angela Mole, Saltersgate

Stacey Burns-Clark, Cornbank St James Primary Nursery

Grace Chalmers, Gorebridge Primary Nursery