Dougie Harvey, Lifelong learning rep


Dougie Harvey, lifelong learning representative.

Dougie Harvey, lifelong learning rep

Name: Dougie Harvey

Where do you work?: Temporary area operations manager, Hillend and Danderhall

Role on Committee: Lifelong learning representative

What does that involve?: I look at bringing in or putting on courses for our members’ benefit. These might be courses or experiences that will help people get to where they want to go in their work or at home.

How long have you been involved in unions?  I became a shop steward about four years ago but I’ve been in the trade union since 1993.  My dad was an ex-miner and it was part of our lives.

Why did you join the union?  Being able to have a say in your workplace is really important and being part of the union is a way of getting some reassurance about your job and where you work.

What do you get out of it? I like to see people better themselves and upskill themselves just as I did.  I got to my current role through lifelong learning and want to be part of helping others do the same.  Sometimes the biggest barrier can be people not believing they can learn.  I get satisfaction from helping people get past that barrier and showing them there’s lots of resources around to help them learn if they just look up and see the help that’s on offer.

Why should other people get involved?  Unions help you get the opportunities you might need to go to places where you might think you could never go.





On 22 May 2014, UNISON member Joe Lock was successful in his claim, Lock v British Gas. The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) found that a workers 20 days statutory annual leave pay should include commission payments if these were part of normal pay.

The Employment Tribunal will decide how UK law will now be interpreted in light of this decision. It is likely that whatever decision is reached by the Employment Tribunal will be appealed through the higher courts, so it may be a long time before any payments are received.

If members are regularly paid payments for time or activities at work that are not paid when they take annual leave (e.g. commission payments, other supplements, bonuses or overtime payments) then there may be entitlement to increased holiday pay in future and back pay.

Branch Action

We have written to all the employers, where we have members, and asked what they intend to do in relation to unpaid holiday pay in respect of additional payments during working time. Midlothian Council have already responded that they are currently considering the matter and are in contact with colleagues in the Employer team at CoSLA, who are preparing advice for all Councils. We

are still waiting for responses from our other employers. On a national level UNISON is collating responses from employers and will then decide a strategy on how best to pursue claims.

What you need to do

If you think you may have a claim, contact the branch office. This will allow us to keep you up to date on your employers response and on UNISON’s claim strategy. You should ensure that you keep your contact details up to date. The easiest and quickest means of contact is through email. Don’t worry if you don’t have an email address as we will still write out to members if required.

You should contact the branch immediately

  • If your employer stops making the payments for commission, other supplements, bonuses or overtime pay.

  • Your employer starts paying any unpaid commission, other supplements, bonuses or overtime pay during annual leave.

Email: Tel: 0131 654 1129