Mi Future

Update No 1


The Council’s No Compulsory Redundancy Retention of Employment Policy

(January 2013) – Update No 1

UNISON members will be aware that the Councillors passed a motion at full council on 6, November, 2012, committing the council to a no redundancies policy.

To date, the specific details of the no compulsory redundancy policy have not yet been agreed, but we the joint unions, are in ongoing extensive consultation with Human Resources, the Corporate Management team, and senior councillors on this and the exact details will be forthcoming in due course. In the meantime, some key points to note are:

  • The name for the no compulsory redundancy policy/retention of employment policy is now ‘Mi Future.’  The Mi Future Programme comprises of a Mi Future Project Development Team, a Mi Future Board, and a Mi Future Consultation Forum;
  • SWITCH equals Staff Working in Transition & Change.  You go into SWITCH if your post is made redundant and you are displaced and you will be offered work placements with a view to securing a new post – you will be working in a job when in SWITCH;
  • You stay in SWITCH for as long as it takes to secure a new post – there is no ‘3 strikes and you are out’ scenario;
  • No employee will be COMPELLED  OR  FORCED to go down a grade if their post is made redundant.  Displaced workers MUST  CHOOSE or VOLUNTEER to go down a grade, or grades.  It looks like pay protection will be implemented for a year but this still has to be agreed;
  • You can only go up one grade;
  • If an employee wants to change job they go into the Internal Job Market (IJM) and retrain for a new post;
  • Broadly, no external recruitment or contractors;
  • Staff on fixed term contracts and agency staff may not get their contracts renewed – NO  FINAL  AGREEMENT  ON  THIS ASPECT  OF  MI  FUTURE  HAS  BEEN  REACHED.  This is still very much subject to discussions;
  • Lifelong Learning is going to be key to the retraining of staff in SWITCH or the IJM. We will be looking to recruit and train Union Learning Reps – you do not have to be a steward to become a ULR.

Further updates will be forthcoming as matters develop.



Update No 2

(January 2013) – Update No 2

Re the development of the Mi Future Policy, Human Resources, the Corporate Management Team, along with the Mi Future Project Team, the Mi Future Board, and the Mi Future Consultation Forum are all currently working on the detail of the scheme and how it will work in practice when the policy is implemented as a functioning reality.

The next deadline for these bodies is 5 February 2013, when, whatever evolving detail is drafted will go to full council that day for approval.

You will observe that Mi Future matters and discussions are moving apace.

At some point we will no doubt be calling a special general meeting of the joint unions and our Members to finalise our approval or disapproval for the scheme.  However, always remember that the council can simply impose the policy if they want without our input.

Clearly, at this stage, the branch is very, very positive and supportive of the concept of job security for our members, especially in these torrid times of the fiscal crisis of the state.  However, we must continue to be vigilant and to scrutinise the developing policy, and simultaneously consult with our members at every stage of the process.

Andy McDonald, Branch Secretary