Midlothian Council want to change your terms & conditions of employment


Midlothian Council wish to change your terms and conditions of employment. UNISON Midlothian branch have been in talks with management for 40 weeks and have got as far as we can by negotiation. UNISON believes our members should decide whether or not the proposed changes are acceptable. Midlothian flyer side 1-2

In the next few days members will receive a ballot paper which will ask you to either accept or reject the councils proposals. The mail out will include a pre-paid return envelope. 

The proposed changes to take us forward are:

1. Grades 1-4, there will be a basic pay increase to everyone please see enclosed chart;

2. Public Holidays – The employer is replacing 5 public holidays with 6 days of annual leave. The remaining public holidays would then be 2 days at Christmas and 2 days at New Year;

3. Additional non financial benefits – employee discount reward scheme for many of the high street stores including supermarkets and travel;

4. Improved discounts on Council sponsored activities i.e. Leisure Centres;

5. Part time employees – If you work regular overtime, you will be asked if you want to increase your hours on a permanent basis to make it part of your contract of employment;

6. Overtime premiums will be paid from the 41st hour onwards at time and a quarter. Standby will be increased from £80 to £140 per week or £20 per 24 hours;

7. Working during the day on Saturday’s and Sunday’s will be paid at plain time;

8. Night working will be paid at time and one fifth, between 10.00pm and 6.00am;

9. Three year pay protection to all who will lose money due to the proposed changes to Contractual Terms and Conditions;

10. Further commitment to address any employees who might remain in detriment will be ongoing over the next 3 years;

11. Midlothian Council will support Lifelong Learning with the trade unions in which we can encourage learning in order to help grow secure and positive destinations.

Branch Drop In Sessions:

The branch will be holding drop in sessions for any members who have questions about the Council proposed changes to terms and conditions of employment: 

  • Tuesday 14th June: 4pm – 6pm – 29 – 35, Jarnac Court, Dalkeith, EH22 1HU
  • Thursday 16th June: 2pm – 4pm – 29 – 35, Jarnac Court, Dalkeith, EH22 1HU

Please feel free to come along and speak to the branch about any concerns you may have.

Download our flyer: UNISON Midlothian Ballot Flyer (Why not print and share with your colleagues? – We are stronger together in UNISON)

Young Members

We would like to invite you to come along to the UNISON Office, 29-35 Jarnac Court, Dalkeith, on Wednesday 8 February 2017 from 4.30pm onwards, to introduce you to our Branch Officers. This is to give you the opportunity to meet and have a chat with the team. We were also thinking of going for refreshments afterwards.

If you would like to come along please contact us on 0131 654 1129.





See Me (end mental health discrimination)


Report from Jody Lochery, Health & Safety Officer, UNISON Midlothian, regarding See Me (end mental health discrimination).

UNISON Midlothian are committed to tackling Mental Health stigma in the workplace. Almost 50% of long-term absences from work are the result of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. People who have had a mental health problem and been out of work often worry about going back.  Common concerns include facing discrimination or bullying, and going back too soon and feeling unwell again.  According to a report by the Royal College of Psychiatrists on mental health and work, “Many people with mental health problems fear that, no matter how good recovery they have made, their symptoms will be made worse by going back to work”.

UNISON Midlothian are looking to work in partnership with See Me and Midlothian Council to tackle Mental Health.

Dougie Harvey, Lifelong learning rep


Dougie Harvey, lifelong learning representative.

Dougie Harvey, lifelong learning rep

Name: Dougie Harvey

Where do you work?: Temporary area operations manager, Hillend and Danderhall

Role on Committee: Lifelong learning representative

What does that involve?: I look at bringing in or putting on courses for our members’ benefit. These might be courses or experiences that will help people get to where they want to go in their work or at home.

How long have you been involved in unions?  I became a shop steward about four years ago but I’ve been in the trade union since 1993.  My dad was an ex-miner and it was part of our lives.

Why did you join the union?  Being able to have a say in your workplace is really important and being part of the union is a way of getting some reassurance about your job and where you work.

What do you get out of it? I like to see people better themselves and upskill themselves just as I did.  I got to my current role through lifelong learning and want to be part of helping others do the same.  Sometimes the biggest barrier can be people not believing they can learn.  I get satisfaction from helping people get past that barrier and showing them there’s lots of resources around to help them learn if they just look up and see the help that’s on offer.

Why should other people get involved?  Unions help you get the opportunities you might need to go to places where you might think you could never go.

Vote to protect public services

Care for It campaignDave Prentis, Unison’s general secretary, has urged us all to vote for public services on May 7, the UK General Election.

 Dear friend,

We’re now at the end of a very long general election campaign. You’ve heard what the politicians have to say and now it’s your turn.

UNISON members have told me again and again that the things they’re most worried about are the rising costs of living, job security and the future of the NHS. With the election so close your vote will have a direct bearing on all of these important issues.

So please make sure you vote – and vote for the future of our public services.

With very best wishes

Dave Prentis

UNISON general secretary